Stone tiles for sale in Nigeria at great prices by stonegig, we offer high quality stone tiles for both interior and exterior building wall decorations. All our stones are premium quality stone tiles to make your building the best in style and aesthetics. With standy intallers that work anyhwere in Nigeria.

Quality ez fit stone tiles used on the two gate pillars of a residential building, ez fit is one of the most porpular stone tile available for use in Nigeria. stone tiles are used to cover both exterior and interior wall of a building for finishing purposes and also for added stregnth to the walls of the building.

Stone tiles are flat stone materials for exterior and interior building wall decorations, they can be made from concrete or sliced natural stone products of various sources. They are numerous types of stone tiles for home wall decorations in Nigeria, here we show the ledge stones.

The prices of stone tiles varies, it depedns on the type of stone tiles and the source material of the product, the black ez fit stone tile shown here sells for N6,950 but can be discounted depeding on the quantity requested. The higher the quantity needed, the more discount available.

Stone tiles can come in wide range of forms, from little bits of stones to flat sliced natural stones, the colors also range from usual brown to the orange color. The ledge stone comes as tiny bits of stones in multi colors used for both exterior and interior stone tile work. The ledge stone is a porpular type of stone tile.

To buy stone tiles in Nigeria for your building wall decors, contact stonegig Nigeria. Our stone tiles are premium specs made from the finest materials and offered at pocket friendly prices. All brands are available at any quantity you need, get the best of stone tiles from stonegig.

The woody stone is one of the not so common stone tile type available for sale in Nigeria today, the price starts from about N11,000 and it comes in other three to four different colors. The woody is a manufactured ston tile type that immitates the grain feel of real wood, it is a unique wall material.

The vintage stone is a type of stone tile in Nigeria that comes in square cuts of various sizes, the aesthetics comes from the fact that these squares are of varied sizes that actually come together on the wall to form a complete whole of stonework, The price of vintage stone starts at N6,900 for one square meter.

The Ez fit stone tile is a rough patterned stone tile that comes in the form of rectangular panels, it is a manufactured stone tile that comes in various colors of beige, brown and black. Shown here on this picture is the beige color of the ez fit stone. Price is N6900 per two cartons which is equal to one sq meter.

One of the main uses of stone tiles apart from interior and exterior building wall decoration is for belting of the base of the building to prevent ground water discoloratio at the base of the building structure. This can lead to various problems like peeling the paint off the wall and the rest. Stone tile controls this.

You can use our stone tiles to implement any creativity ideas you want, so far it is achievable. Get across to us at stonegig for all your quality stone tiles for both exterior and interior walls of the building. We are always available to serve you better with good pricing and professional after sales installation service.

Sliced natural stone tiles are extracted from the rocks, processed and sliced for use on the cladding of building walls, they are usually more expensive because of the extra work that goes into their processing and their installation also takes more time. They are also heavier than manufactured stones.

Stone tiles can be used in a variety of ways for wall decors depending on the design concepts of the builder or home owner, uses o stone tiles varies from pillar cladding to wall cladding and water protection. Here the cobble stones in brown mix colors are used to clad to pillars of a fence.

When installing stone tiles on your building walls, it is very important that the walls where the stone tiles will be used are unpainted, unplastered and coarse. This will prevent the stones from falling off the all after sometime. This is Ez fit stones chalk white color, a porpular stone tiles in Nigeria.

If you are the type of builder who like something different for your wall, the woody stone tile is an option for you, with its not so common design pattern that mimicks the grain lines of a wood. You can get across to us to get more information on this product, call or chat us for the pricing and quotes.

The cobble stone can be used for both interior and exterior home wall decoration. The colors of the product can also be mixed according to however your design motivation directs. Any design you come up with for your home, we can help you look at it to make sure it fits to best practice of wall decor.

Grey colored castle rock stone tile was used entirely on this building wall. One of the main criterias to consider before choosing a particular stone tile for your project is the final color fo your walls. The color of your stone tiles should match that of your paint color as seen from the job above.

This particular ledge stone tile mix is mixed with majority of the red colors. The final color of stone tiles on the wall depends on specific color ratios you used during selection. There is no limit to how you can mix up the stones to achieve your desired patterns on the wall. Just apply your imaginations.

The cobble stone tile for wall comes in six different colors, it is an artistic stone type for builders who like to play around with lines. The final color of the stone tile on the wall depends on the colors you select for the mix. Cobble stone grey mix is sold for N6400 per square meter of the stones.

Stone tiles can come in many different designs and combination styles depending on how the job owner wants it to come out. Here a combo of the cobble stone tile and the antique brick is used on the wall.